My 10 for January 2018

Every month I'm going to publish a simple top 10 albums personal list out of the albums which have been officially released in the respective month. Now with January in its very end, I present those albums which really have made impact on me personally and I have played them quite often over the past 30 days. Of course this could be much longer list, but I decided to keep it simpler.
January kicked off the year with lots of great releases. I must admit that I still haven't had enough time to dedicate to lots of them, and I'll have to catch up in the upcoming weeks or months, along with the rest upcoming albums. There is too much music, and only one life...
Some of these albums are definitely contenders in my 2018 AOY chart.
Let's make the long story short. Here are my ten for January (and a bonus), in no particular order.

Fantastic progressive death album by the Norwegian guys. Pure pleasure for me to listen to their new stuff. It's less angry but more matured than the early material. However this is a fantastic record and there is a lot to be explored in it.

My love for BLS is well known. This record only concretes it. Fantastic riffy, doomy compositions and melancholy southern feeling all  over.

Just fantastic atmospheric death doom album from Finland. Heaviness, sorrow, tears, amazing melodies and atmosphere. Just fantastic...Hooded Menace can never disappoint.

I have eagerly anticipated this release. Tribulation at their finest! So good, so vampiric. Little bit more polished in comparison to their 2015 release, but it only underlines their growing up musically. Amazing record!

What a death metal release! US Boethiah playing in the best traditions of the classic Swedish death! Brutal mandatory!

Another super solid death release carrying the best of the roots of the death metal. Ectoplasma's new album is intense, aggressive, non-forgiving.

The blood boils with this death metal release with great riffs and melodies. Decaying make everything to decay, of course carrying the classic Scandinavian traditions.

Mandatory! Best of the southern stones...

One of the most surprising releases I've heard most lately. Awesome cover versions by Mystic Prophecy of non-metal artists from the near past!

Nostalgic, with excellent references to the 70s rock, 80s NWBHM and AOR. With Audrey Horne's Blackout, Norway proves that besides the best black metal, the country exports hard rock music at its finest.


Despite of the fact this record will be out in March, the band released a full stream in January, so this is a MANDATORY in this list. Great return with a feeling to the Testimony of the ancients times. Much anticipated record, and it can't be wrong. This is Pestilence! Huge as always!


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