March 2020. The worst month for mankind for many years. Pandemia.

Too much new music, an abundance of new albums. It was really a challenge to narrow down my list. Why? First of all because of the huge pile, and mostly because there were no real-real standouts. I mean, there are lots of equally good albums (or equally bad?).

I asked myself many times while I was checking the records: which albums and bands would I listen to in a year from now on, or even in on or two months? Which ones will I remember? Which ones will give chills and thrills? Because there are too many releases to which is given so much needless attention...I can say that just because I'm supporting the scene, the underground. The quantity killed quality.

I'm sure my list lacks of many popular albums. Oh well...So here it is the Pandemic list in no specific order - my top 20 choices out of March 2020 release pile + some honorable mentions.

I'm not even in a mood to put a short description and to explain wh…


Oh, well, February was another month with hits and misses. In general, the year began much weaker in terms of new releases in comparison to the last...let's say two-three years. I was thinking that since I left BAZ, I'm listening to much more softer stuff, and I'm kinda more open to things that I didn't like before or at all.
Of course, I haven't listened to all of the endless piles of new albums coming every month. However, I tried most of the things and here comes my list for February. Let's be honest - some big names released shitty albums again - Sepultura and Annihilator for example. Sylosis and Suicide Silence are very arguable, aren't they? 
Other popular artists delivered unexpectedly good stuff. Like Demons & Wizards, Psychotic Waltz or Archon Angels. As usual, I focused on the UG, where I was able to find some interesting records. 

Honorable mentions
- Kvelertak - I like this album a lot and with Ivar on vocals, they sound pretty better.
- Today…


New year, a new decade. So many expectations, so much to leave behind...So uninspired January. I was listening to a great variety of bands and genres. Checking stuff I haven't been into before. Leaving BAZ gave me the freedom to go back to older albums, relisten some classics and basically feel free to listen to what the fuk I want. Freeedooommmm :))))))))

January 2020 was very weak in comparison to January 2019 for example. Lots of crap there too...Still, behind the thorns, I managed somehow to dig a few gems, which I enjoyed a lot. Some impressions: new ANNIHILATOR is shit, as it is the new PYOGENESIS. They both died long ago. HAUNT didn't make it again to this top list - it seems they can't level the Burst Into Flame awesomeness...Maybe it is also worth to mention here the new albums by FRIGORIS (very good one), PORTA NIGRA, VANANIDR, MARRASMIELI and VVILDERNESS.  Not that they matter for the below list, but should be added to those five special UG recommendations on th…