MY TOP 20 FOR MAY 2022

I always write the same in these intros. Too much new realease, not enough quality, dificult to pick the real standouts. May 2022 didn't differ from the status quo. Plenty of death metal.  From the below list, probably very few are going to take higher rankings in my end of year AOTY list. Still though, I enjoyed a lot some of these albums in the past 30 days of May.  Some new albums didn't live up to my expectations. Blut Aus Nord to name it, and I'm still struggling with it. Also I hate parody metal, but few songs of that Trollfest caught me obsessively. This is why you will find the album in the list below.  The release of the month prize goes to AARA's Triade II. And then in no particular order comes all the rest new stuff that I liked and got my attention. Enjoy! AARA - Triade II: Hemera Release Date: 13 May Bandcamp DECAPITATED - Cancer Culture Release Date: 27 May Bandcamp NECHOCWEN - Kanawha Black Release Date: 13 May Bandcamp HAUNTER - Discarnate Ails Release D


A very solid month, with tons of new albums and some very good albums that will go straight into my AOTY list. Some of my all-time favorite bands released fantastic music. Well, my list below includes more or less the obvious. Not surprisingly. Naturally, my shortlist was much longer, but I had to pick the best of the best and just stop at a certain point.  I noticed the trend that my lists are becoming more and more mainstream, but I just pick what I really like and listen to the most over the month. My album of the month changed quickly in the last days of the month when Skull Fist just got over Evil Invaders. Both albums are absolutely amazing and their importance is undoubtful because such albums just keep the true metal alive and well. Then we have Meshuggah and Watain of course... The freight train that is pushing the musical boundaries and the lawless darkness delivering fire after fire. I must that Meshuggah's new album is definitely much more accessible than before though.


March 2022 was a very solid month. Tons of new releases, and at least 25 very good albums. I feel many of them will stay longer with me and will land on my AOTY list. I found a good time with these. Below I give you my selection of the finest albums of March - in total 25 incl mandatory honorable mentions. This could easily be a Top 25 actually...The list is in no particular order, but I have some albums that I prefer over others. By the way, have I told you how I hate Blogger? Yes, I know I complain every time and I do nothing on the matter... Naturally, I couldn't listen to everything that was out, and I still have some albums that are on my to-do list. Probably I have omitted something, but an early warning - the list below does not include some of those "everyone's favorites". I'd love to know your list and what do you think I missed out here and why? So here it is my March 2022 selection without any comments on each album, because I don't feel motivated t