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November was crappy for me. I didn't enjoy the music, couldn't find many exciting new releases. I even didn't play that much music as I used to do before...Outlining the below list, I found too many releases which I (intentionally) missed out to listen to. And from the pile I managed to check, few really grabbed my attention. Still, 15 here! BLOOD INCANTATION - Hidden History of the Human Race Release Date: 22 November Oh well. No matter how I hate the hype around BI, this is a good album. Are they overrated? IMO still - yes. Is the album a top-notch record from 2019? Yes. SCHAMMASCH - Hearts of No Light Release Date: 8 November  Drown into the surrealism of the avant-garde black metal. Now. DIABOLIC NIGHT - Beyond the Realm Release Date: 15 November Did Hellripper finally have a real competitor? This is a crazy good blackened speed album! HANGING GARDEN - Into That Good Night Release Date: 15 November Everything from these guys is gold. Amazing


Another excellent month for metal music, full of new releases. It was a busy month for me but somehow I managed to get familiar with most of the new albums. Naturally, the heavy devastating tunes prevail on my list - so another 20 to consider for the AOTY list. Let's go, in no particular order. ALCEST - Spiritual Instinct Release Date: 25 October The glorious new album by the duo. Always on the edge between mesmerizing black, shoegaze, and sadness... TEITANBLOOD - The Baneful Choir Release Date: 18 October This is how the HELL sounds and makes you feel. MAYHEM - Daemon Release Date: 25 October The best Mayhem record after DMDS.  This is how Mayhem should have sounded through all these years! VACIVUS - Annihilism Release Date: 25 October Heavy AF death metal. Top-notch ranking along with the finest from the contemporary in the genre for 2019. VASTUM - Official Purge Release Date: 25 October One of those DM releases of the year... AEGRUS