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April is gone. Four months since the beginning of the 2018 and we are deep-knee in the new metal records. So far I can concur - it will be another glorious year for the metal music. April was very intense of new releases, even hectic. Honestly I didn't find enough quality among the list though. Very few albums really grabbed my attention and the present list was not much easy to compile. As usual it contains 10 albums officially released in April (or in the last days of March), in no particular order + 3 bonus albums, which I discovered most recently, but they have left from the previous months...In total another fatal 13 pieces of deserving all attention. This is it, my April 2018! MESARTHIM - The Density Parameter Release date: 3 April The best album of the month. A feeling a timeless time. My review for Blessed Altar Zine here MESSA - Feast for Water Release date: 6 April "Evoking doom metal with a dark jazz twist". Hallucinative sludgy Portishead. Am