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Oh, well, February was another month with hits and misses. In general, the year began much weaker in terms of new releases in comparison to the last...let's say two-three years. I was thinking that since I left BAZ, I'm listening to much more softer stuff, and I'm kinda more open to things that I didn't like before or at all. Of course, I haven't listened to all of the endless piles of new albums coming every month. However, I tried most of the things and here comes my list for February. Let's be honest - some big names released shitty albums again - Sepultura and Annihilator for example. Sylosis and Suicide Silence are very arguable, aren't they?  Other popular artists delivered unexpectedly good stuff. Like Demons & Wizards, Psychotic Waltz or Archon Angels. As usual, I focused on the UG, where I was able to find some interesting records.  Honorable mentions :  - Kvelertak - I like this album a lot and with Ivar on vocals, they sound pretty better