Another 50 gems from 2017

I'll try to outline and list down another 50 releases from the already gone 2017 besides my TOP 50 metal albums for 2017 and the missed out albums in the chart. The following suggestions are really nice-to-hear before drowning into 2018 releases. I paid attention to them in 2017 and mostly in December when I had to catch up mainly with the gems from the mines. Anyway for me December was very diverse - besides new stuff, I was listening a lot to 80s thrash, speed and heavy, as well as revisiting many bands from the past. And rediscovering them. A lot more new stuff left unheard in my archives. I'm going to catch up as much as possible through the beginning of 2018. Although, many new exciting releases are ahead of us, and 2018 is going to be another fantastic year for our beloved music. 
The list below has no particular order or preference of the albums. Of course there is always a disclaimer - I might have missed out something again. Let me know what I had to include more. 
Just try to listen as much as possible out of all the great 2017 releases, if you still haven't.

Spectral Voice - Erroded corridors of unbeing
Tchornobog - S/T
The King is Blind - We are the parasite, we are the cancer
Dream Tröll - The knight of rebellion
Tomb Mold - Primordial malignity
Aosoth - The inside scriptures
Altarage - Endinghent
Audn - Farvegir Fyrndar
Cloak - To venomous depths
Drudkh/ Paysage D’Hiver split - Somewhere sadness wonders
Evilfeast - Elegies of the stellar wind
Häive - Iätön
Havukruunu - Kelle surut soi
The Howling Void - The darkness at the edge of dawn
Jupiterean - Terraforming
Ophis - The dismal circle
Necrot - Blood offerings
Posion Blood - S/T
Phrenelith - Desolate ends cape
Spiritual Void - White mountain
Triumvir Foul - Spiritual bloodshed
Vesicant - Shadows of cleansing iron
Verge - The process of self-becoming
Vassafor - Malediction
Au-Dessus - End of chapter
Departe - Failure, subside
Apotelesma - Timewrought kings
Degial -  Predator reign
Hallatar - No stars upon the bridge
The Doomsday Kingdom - S/T
Pagan Altar - The room of shadows
Ajattara - Lupaus
Execration - Return  
Morbid Angel - Kingdoms disdained
Wormwood - Ghostlands
White Death - White Death
Benighted - Necrobreed
Entrench - Through the walls of flesh
Harlott - Extinction
Laster - Ons vrije fatum
Krysthla - Peace in our time
Nightbringer - Terra dannata
Below the Sun - Alien world
Bereft - Lands
Sun of the Sleepless - To the elements 
Voyager - Ghost mile
Broken Hope - Mutilated and assimilated
Iced Earth - Incorruptible
Overkill - The grinding wheel
Abhorrent Decimation - The pardoner

Bonus, because everybody recommends it - Power Trip - Nightmare logic


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