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Another year has passed. Another wrinkle, pain, happiness, good, bad...We lived, we laughed, we cried, we grew older. Made another step forward...And on this road, on this "path to the cemetary gates", we supported the Underground as much as possible. It's been stunning years for our beloved music, as we have stated all the time here. For maybe around 30 years we haven't had that strong, diverse, abundant time of releases from below the mainstream, underground and the mines under the underground. And it is that time of the year again when I try to to list down all the music which resonated solidly with me, which I played and enjoyed the most during the past 12 months, which has been part of me... Not an easy task at all, especially having in mind the quantity of music I listened to through the whole year. On top, I kept track of all worthy by publishing my monthly Top 10s here through the whole year. That's why the present list is a diverse list, a list of fu