Показват се публикации от 2018


Oh, well. Half an year deep into the heavy music, making reviews, interviews, trying to listen to most of the important releases. It becomes really hard to follow everything, and to have the opportunity to go back and listen to some older or classic stuff. Even the albums from two-three months ago.
Honestly in June I didn't have much time to listen to everything I got, and for sure there are hidden gems. I hope I'll be able to discover them on later stage.
There were really a lot of new albums which saw the wide world in June as usual. My premium selection here includes released only in June albums - the ones I liked the most and/or listened the most from them.

The Night Flight Orchestra - Sometimes the World Ain't Enough
Release date: 29 June

NFO - my guilty pleasure to bring me into the 80's. Another fantastic album, making me feel cozy, nostalgic and old...

Shylmagoghnar - Transience
Release date: 29 June

Epic new album by the duo, after four years of waiting. So much t…

MY TOP 10 FOR MAY 2018

Five months in 2018 now and the pile of new good music extends. May has been very intensive in new releases as well, but it is time to separate the grain from the square. Few big bands put longly awaited albums out - likes of Amorphis, At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir for example. The latter don't deserve my attention since 20 years already, and this didn't change...At The Gates again (like in 2014) almost couldn't convince me that "To Drink From The Night Itself" is a top 10 album. Who made it in my list from released in May records? Fatal 13 and a Japanese edition list, in no particular order. Huge hesitation about the choices to be honest. Hard to compile list. Some other good releases were skipped. Let's see.

UADA - The Cult Of A Dying Sun
Release Date: 25 May

Stunning continuation of the masterpice "Devoid of light". Much more mature, well polished. It is not just a melodic black metal. It is much more. This is another album in the genre which proves th…


April is gone. Four months since the beginning of the 2018 and we are deep-knee in the new metal records. So far I can concur - it will be another glorious year for the metal music.
April was very intense of new releases, even hectic. Honestly I didn't find enough quality among the list though. Very few albums really grabbed my attention and the present list was not much easy to compile. As usual it contains 10 albums officially released in April (or in the last days of March), in no particular order + 3 bonus albums, which I discovered most recently, but they have left from the previous months...In total another fatal 13 pieces of deserving all attention.
This is it, my April 2018!

MESARTHIM - The Density Parameter
Release date: 3 April

The best album of the month. A feeling a timeless time.

My review for Blessed Altar Zine here

MESSA - Feast for Water
Release date: 6 April

"Evoking doom metal with a dark jazz twist". Hallucinative sludgy Portishead. Amazing, stunning record…


My interview with Koraxid for Blessed Altar Zine, originally published on 2 April 2018 here: https://blessedaltarzine.blogspot.bg/2018/04/grievance-interview.html Grievance is a black metal band coming from the haunted lands of Caldas de Rainha, Portugal. Their music is soaked with mournful sorrow, melancholy, dark journeys to ancient obscure worlds and landscapes, and of course blasting passages. “Pilar, Pedra e Faca” album has just been released on CD (and reviewed for Blessed Altar Zine), offering amazing musical diversity to reach the majestic infinite dark. I invited Koraxid, the mastermind of the band, to tell us more about his night chants and his bequests to eternity
Hello, Koraxid! Great to have you on the Zine! Thank you for your time. You have been the mastermind of Grievance for more than 20 years now, performing everything in the band. How would you describe this voyage into darkness and what are its roots actually? I am a Black Metal fan since about 1994, when i knew the sty…