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Autumn is here. Leaves are falling in the colder shorter days, under the colder sun...September passed imperceptibly. Naturally the music which was released was much more than the hours I could have listened to and it was again difficult to choose the finest 10. In the end it happened to be very diverse selection. There were too many bands releasing in September from all kinds of genres...Top 10 shaped with a lot of potential bonus tracks. Fatal 13 in total here though. WOLFHEART - "Constellation of the Black Light" Release Date: 28 September 2018 One of the most finest albums in 2018. Period CAULDRON - New Gods Release Date 7 September 2018 Below In Ruin, but still very enjoyable. Cauldron doing what they do best - revive the good old times. My review for Blessed Altar Zine here ARCHGOAT - Luciferian Crown Release Date: 14 September 2018 Archgoat, either like them or not. Never disappoint. Bestial as usual. MONSTROSITY - The Passage Of Existence


It is that time of the month again. The time when I draw the line and select my top list from the releases which happened in the past 30 days. August wasn't that active (yeah it was summertime; parties and sun; WTF?!! - it's metal ffs!), but still some very fine albums saw the world. I'll do my best to list those ten, which made me serious impression and made my month a better one. Really not much into the Underground this time... :-( I leave here the condition that I haven't given a proper listen to all the new albums which slipped through the very last day of August - the 31st. So let's start. I begin with something which was released on 30 July but it is mandatory here! THE MOOR - Jupiter's Immigrants Release Date: 30 July A close friend of mine made me listen to this album. OMG! Thank you! This is really like a shot of life. Huge reminder for To/Die/For with almost invisible tone of Soilwork here and there (vocals). Definitely a fantastic release