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What is missing in my TOP 50 metal chart for 2017

So many bands, genres, sub-genres and new albums in 2017. It is impossible to give a listen to everything. I tried to use December to catch up with some of those albums and bands in order to have better impression and to know what's all about. My TOP 50 with metal albums for 2017 was originally compiled by 1 December and obviously there are some missing albums. Some of the albums simply couldn't top there (not that they are bad, but not enough good for me personally), others regretfully were missed out due to my lack of enough close experience with them. I'm going to outline here few of these gems and why they didn't make it into the chart. Memoriam - For the fallen Obviously my biggest miss. When I heard the album in spring time, I wasn't that impressed. However in November I returned to it and slowly but steadily it began gaining speed and power. By the first week of December it was already among my top 5 favourite albums of the year! Unfortunately already

My TOP 50 Metal Albums for 2017

OK, lists are absolute worship and great compass for everybody to summarise what has happened throughout the year. My personal list was originally compiled and published on 1st of December 2017, and it includes the most enjoyed and played albums in 2017 by that date. In a separate post I'm going to write about my missed outs and listened-too-late already in December albums, and the reasons for that. Originally my top 50 has two bonus albums - by Stalker and Origin. I'm also going to include them in the above mentioned separate post. In general 2017 was fantastic year for the scene. For me personally it was full of various styles. I entered in some unexplored territories, found many new bands, added new favourites to my all-time favourite bands list. That's why my top 50 is so diverse, covering many styles. However this is the only way anyone can say something is good or bad - to try it and experience it. I look at many of the albums as a whole, creating unique atmosphere