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March 2021 was an intense and very solid month. I found for myself some great albums among the hundreds released. And a lot that I can live without at all. Mare Cognitum's Solar Paroxysm is definitely my album of the month, although it has a very solid competition. All the other most important albums for me are listed below in no particular order.  And even more - those who were shortlisted, but didn't make the cut. So here you are - my twenty top choices for your pleasure with links, and another 18 which you might want to consider. A solid month indeed! I'm lazy and unmotivated this month, so no comments on each of the albums. Listen to them all!  MARE COGNITUM - Solar Paroxysm Release Date: 19 March Bandcamp DVNE - Etemen Ænka Release Date: 19 March Bandcamp SEPULCROS - Vazio Release Date: 10 March Bandcamp KRALLICE - Demonic Wealth Release Date: 5 March Bandcamp LUNAR SHADOW - Wish to Leave Release Date: 19 March  Bandcamp MEMORIAM - To The End Release Date: 26 March Spo