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A simple list encompassing my top albums from the last decade. And yes, I must finally publish here my top albums for each year starting from 1970 up to now... Naturally, my top album is by my all-time favorite band. Yes - Hardwired to Self-Destruct is my choice. For So Many Reasons. And yes, I don't care what you say... TOP 20 OF THE DECADE (2010-2019) 1.  Metallica Hardwired to Self-Destruct 2.  Mgła Exercises in Futility 3.  Anathema We're Here Because We're Here 4.  Anathema Weather Systems 5.  Judas Priest Firepower 6.  Meshuggah Violent Sleep of Reason 7.  Mastodon Emperor of Sand 8.  Gojira Magma 9.  Paradise Lost Tragic Idol 10.  Ghost Opus Eponimus 11.  Skull Fist Chasing The Dream 12.  Volbeat Outlaw Gentleman 13.  Judas Priest Redeemer of Souls 14.  Mastodon Once


Oh well! The Black Metal albums of the last year of this decade...So much Black Metal around. Yes, it is the MOST DIVERSE genre of all genres. So many influences, so many directions in which bands create...So much coldness, hatred, feelings, melancholy and fires burning. Isn't it right? My TOP 50+ list basically outlines the BM albums I preferred the most in 2019. I will try to summarize them here somehow. No EPs, just full-lengths only I need to mention that I was amazed by so many releases this year. Some of them are pure raw black, others - stand just on the edge with post-black, third - sorrowful, atmospheric, synth-inspired... Where and how to classify bands like Hate Manifesto, Haunter, Laster, Wormwitch? This unclassified bands list can be so long, as bands cross boundaries the more than ever. What else? We witnessed a couple of Batushkas, both different in style and suggestions. If we had to add the blackened thrash and speed here, the list might be endless - Hellripper


I decided to put up this post as 2019 has been completely drowned in great death metal releases. So many bands, so good albums. But how to find in the needle in the straw? Well, these are my mandatory 20 death metal albums you can't live without in 2019. Arguably, the best death metal albums of the year. No subgenres, just pure DEATH FUCKIN METAL. (Haunter was excluded naturally, unfortunately) I know, I know - you might disagree. FLESHCRAWL - Into The Catacombs of Time November 2019, Apostasy Records REVEL IN FLESH - The Hour of the Avenger December 2019, War Anthem Records OSSUARIUM - Living Tomb February 2019, 20 Buck Spin SEMPITERNAL DUSK - Cenotaph of Defectous Creation September 2019, Dark Descent Records DISOWNING - Human Cattle July 2019, Xtreem Music ECTOPLASMA - White-Eyed Trance October 2019, Memento Mori BLOOD INCANTATION - Hidden History of Human Race November 2019, Dark Descent Records WITCH VOMIT - Buried Deep in the Bot

TOP 50+ for 2019

It is that time AGAIN. The AOTY lists. I'm tired of this tbh. The truth is that in 2019 there were too many good releases, but with less difference in between. No really stand out albums. Just pile of good ones. Most of them I listed throughout the year in my monthly top lists and therefore all of them deserve high praise and a mention. All of them can be checked in the monthly publications though. Now I just tried to compile one whole simple TOP LIST FOR 2019 with full-length albums only. EPs are not here and will be published separately in a small post. I made it till Top 80, then I realized there was not much difference whether it will be #55 or #77 or #66...The same goes for 20 to 50 spots btw. So below is a simple list of the albums I enjoyed the most in 2019. Artworks are available on this blog in the separate monthly lists. Another year went by. Another list ready. Go! # 2019 FULL LENGTHS ONLY 1.  Idle Hands Mana 2.  I