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October was huge in terms of quality. It is the best month in this respect for 2020 so far. Great albums were released and hopefully, I encompassed them all in my long epic list here.  Besides the finest 20 records, I listed another 16 (!) very strong contenders which are mandatory at least to check once. They all easily could be part of the main 20 and do deserve our strong attention! I'm sure some of them might grow in the future. I'm not going to put any description of the below-listed albums. If you haven't listened to even one of these, it is all at your expense... HELLRIPPER - The Affair of the Poisons Release Date: 9 October ANAAL NATHRAKH -  Release Date: 2 October SPIRIT ADRIFT - Enlightened in Eternity Release Date: 16 October PALLBEARER - Forgotten Days Release Date: 23 October ENSLAVED - Utgard Release Date: 2 October BENEDICTION - Scriptures Release Date: 16 October CARCASS - Despicable EP Release Date: 30 October COEXISTENCE - Collateral Dimension Release Date