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November was very good month for the heavy music, delivering fantastic releases just before the very end of this glorious for the metal music year. I listened to a lot of new records, and payed homage to classics as well. As usual, it was difficult to pick up the ten finest. So in no particular order, I present my November 2018 Top 10. Definitely I may have missed something. *listening how the year very silently moves and passes through the gates of time, leaving memories and wrinkles. BURNING WITCHES - Hexenhammer Release Date: 9 November Warlock meets Phantom Blue in 2018. I was so captivated by this record. It's not typical for me, though I really enjoy it very much. Great riffs and melodies here. BAST -  Nano ångström   Release Date: 23 November Profound, vast, dark. A dark matter floating through the mind and the body. Top notch existential blackened sludge to measure the tiniest distances of the cosmic space and human soul. My review for Bless


October was very hectic. In terms of everything. Including music. So many bands released new records. I admit I listened to some part and to certain extend what was out there. Actually few things made me impression. I list them here. In November I'm going to try to catch up with some of the October albums. For sure I missed some great one. Few important moments: I was expecting so badly the new Skull Fist in the end of October, but it was such a disappointment. On that same date probably 150 artists released new records. Some big names, which I found disappointing too. (I won't put names here). I guess I must spend some more time with them? New Unreqvited appeared out of the blue on Bandcamp, with official release date 23 November by the record label. That's why this will be part of my November top list - my love for Unrevqited is well known. Below is the list which I hardly gathered to be honest. 10 +1 albums, in no particular order, which deserve a good listen...and m