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WOW! 7 months already gone from 2018! It is really an inexorable time. And on top I turned 40 in July. Actually July wasn't that much intense of many releases, but still there were few which got me solidly. So here they are - my top choices from the released in July albums, in no particular order. With really tiny descriptions this time. KHÔRADA - Salt Release date: 20 July Post-metal of different level. Atmospheric, progressive, sad. This is amazing. SPACESLUG - EYE THE TIDE Release Date: 20 July Absolutely magnificent Kozmic Doom - gloomy, melancholic, trippy. Use your imagination... THE LION'S DAUGHTER - FUTURE CULT Release Date: 20 July What a release! Black, sludge, progressive. Top-notch new album by TLD. OBSCURA - DILUVIUM Release Date: 13 July You all know what it is. High quality cavernous death/doom. Only 3 songs. Unfortunately. 1968 - BALLADS OF THE GODLESS Release date: 6 July Even the artworks says it all. Stoner. 70s. Beautiful


Let me try to outline my personal preferences for the finest black metal releases for the first half of 2018. This mean I list (in no particular order) the albums released between 1 Jan and 30 June 2018. Most of them have been either reviewed for Blessed Altar Zine by me, or listed in my monthly top charts. Or both actually. This is just a summary of my thoughts on the matter. UADA - Cult of a Dying Sun Review for Blessed Altar Zine UNREQVITED - Stars Wept At Sea Review for Blessed Altar Zine Interview for Blessed Altar Zine MESARTHIM - The Density Parameter Review for Blessed Altar Zine GRIEVANCE - Pilar, Pedra e Faca Review for Blessed Altar Zine Interview for Blessed Altar Zine ALASTOR - ...The Dark Tower... Review for Blessed Altar Zine Interview for Blessed Altar Zine HUMAN SERPENT - For I, The Misanthropist KOSMOGYR - Eviternity Review for Blessed Altar Zine Interview For Blessed Altar Zine HOTH - Astral Necromancy Review for Blessed Altar