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My Top 10 for February 2018

February just passed very quickly and again it is time to list down my top 10 for the month. I witnessed very good releases this month and of course it was a bit difficult to chose. Below is a list of ten records released in February (in no particular order) which grabbed most seriously my attention, and another three "bonus" which had been released in the end January, but I played a lot in February. Let's go for the fatal 13! Galvanizer - Sanguine Vigil Definitely most played record for the month. I had the pleasure to listen to it earlier before the release date in order to review it for Blessed Altar Zine . The heaven for all the die-hards for a klassik Scandinavian death metal with blasting grind moments.  Harakiri For The Sky - Arson Another gem in the amazing discography of this super-talented post-black band. Still, for me personally it can't top Trauma but it shows that the duo is growing and finding their sound of desperation..