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March is gone. Another month from the "calendar-life". So it is time again to list down my favourite albums of the month. These are only albums released officially within this month. As usual they are 10 with 3 "bonus tracks" and a Japanese version as well, so to make another fatal list + 2.  In NO particular order! March was intense and I witnessed some very good releases, coming from popular bands as well as from the underground. Some of the artists made it to my list, others simply didn't. As always I must point out that I wasn't able to give a proper listen to all the releases. It's impossible.  Let's get down to work! Whipstriker - Merciless Artillery It is what it is - a merciless artillery! Speed and riffs. The title track of the album was the most rotated song for me during the month. Rivers of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name Honestly this was a great surprise for me. I didn't expect this album to be that excellent - full


Some recent discussions among the lunatics' metal community in Twitter easily led to narrow down my all-time favourite Norway black metal albums. So I'm throwing them here in order to leave trace for the upcoming generations. Two lists below - 1) all time top 10 in particular order and 2) top 25 list in no particular order. Being into BM since 1994, means that these albums are mostly the Norway classics from the 90s. Honestly this second wave really gave me a lot and after it there haven't been so much great efforts coming. Just all dissolved into hundreds of subgenres and influences, loosing that so obscure underground feeling, the eternity and majesty.  Of course I can list excellent BM albums from the present, which still keep the flame and remind of the golden era. Nothing is the same though. ALL-TIME TOP 10 NORWEGIAN BLACK METAL ALBUMS 1. Dimmu Borgir - For All Tid So atmospheric, so majestic, so grandeur. Listen to this at dying sunset, watching the