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September was uncontrollable! So many new releases and there was quality actually. Some really impressive albums went out. Albums that leave a trace. Of course, I couldn't listen to all releases. However, I picked 20 out of the huge pile I managed to check out and which I liked the most.  Some great albums left out of this list though. Others may grow in the upcoming weeks too. Let's just mention that Deftones, The Ocean, Hexx, Hittman, Marche Funebre, Morta Skuld, Mysthicon are outside and all of them do deserve strong recognition. There were disappointments too. I expected more from Heathen for example. Kataklysm couldn't impress me once again and I honestly think there's nothing inspiring left there. Skeletal Remains didn't disappoint me though - they released another trash again. Definitely album of the month goes to the highly expected UADA's Djinn! The others below are listed in no particular order as usual. Let's see which ones will really stay and ma


Too many new albums happened in August. And there were too many good albums released. The below list represents some of my most listened to albums during the month. However, I realized one thing most recently - a lot of the albums which I didn't like before, now turn to be growers upon revisit. Therefore many of the released albums in August may potentially be a part of this list on a later stage. Mind you that only on 28 August, there were over 60 new albums released... Yes, I couldn't listen to all.  I won't include honorable mentions or mandatory bonus here, there are too many. I take notes in a black notebook about what's in rotation, and what is growing. Now, just straight to 20 albums with variety in styles and genres, in no particular order. Except one - Flowers of Evil is my untouchable No.1 for August! ULVER - Flowers of Evil  Release Date: 28 August So emotional. Nostalgic. Painful. So me. My AOTY so far. TERMINAL NATION - Holocene Extinction Release Date: 7 A