Oh, well. Half an year deep into the heavy music, making reviews, interviews, trying to listen to most of the important releases. It becomes really hard to follow everything, and to have the opportunity to go back and listen to some older or classic stuff. Even the albums from two-three months ago.
Honestly in June I didn't have much time to listen to everything I got, and for sure there are hidden gems. I hope I'll be able to discover them on later stage.
There were really a lot of new albums which saw the wide world in June as usual. My premium selection here includes released only in June albums - the ones I liked the most and/or listened the most from them.

The Night Flight Orchestra - Sometimes the World Ain't Enough
Release date: 29 June

NFO - my guilty pleasure to bring me into the 80's. Another fantastic album, making me feel cozy, nostalgic and old...

Shylmagoghnar - Transience
Release date: 29 June

Epic new album by the duo, after four years of waiting. So much to listen to into this album. Everything is transient. Or maybe not!

My interview for with the guys is here

Tomb Mold - Manor of Infinite Forms
Release date: 8 June

A Canadian lesson in death metal.
HOTH - Astral Necromancy
Release date: 15 June

Seems that Seattle can give some great BM to the world besides the grundge...Very interesting release, combining many not typical for the style patterns and riffs. Very enjoyable.
PAN - The Boreal Coast
Release date: 23 June

I didn't expect the progressive doom/stoner PAN to grab me that much. Some DM elements there too. Excellent effort by the Americans!

Coldbound - The Gale
Release date: 10 June

Now this is FK AWESOME!!! Straight from Finland, in the best way they can do it - melodic, cold, doomy and atmospheric! I really can't describe how good this album is!

Abstracter - Cinereous Incarnate
Release date: 8 June

What a release by the Americans! Death, sludge, doom, darkness from the abyss!

Vanhelga - Fredagsmys
Release date 29 June

This a epic glorious black metal release by the Swedes. Among the best BM albums of the year so far. Diverse, melodic, incorporating various elements, instruments and nuances, and yet keeping the dark atmosphere.
Nervosa - Downfall of Mankind
Release date: 1 June

Super aggressive and powerful thrash by the Brazilian girls. Also among the thrash albums of the year so far. Some longtime established bands can take notes.
Doomed - 6 Anti-odes of Life
Release date: 22 June

The band name and the record name say it all. Top notch doom, melodic, sorrowful, heavy, melodic. Slow.

Bonus Tracks for your summer trips:

Ghost - Prequelle
Release date: 1 June

Yes, this is a very good album.

Craft - White Noise and Black Metal
Release date: 24 June

Very good and interesting record, intelligent, furious and abstract.
Hænesy - Katruzsa
Release date: 20 June

I don't like Hungarian music, but this...What a black metal!!!

Decayed - Of Fire and Evil
Release date: 1 June

Because of my acquaintance with JA

Gaerea - Unsettling Whispers
Release date: 22 June

Another strong BM from Portugal!

Khemmis - Desolation
Release date: 24 June

Nothing unusual here. Just the new album, worth checking

YOB - Our Raw Heart
Release date: 9 June

Begins very good, then somehow drowns in monotony. Still, for the good old times...

Bullet For My Vallentine - Gravity
Release date: 29 June

*big smile!


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