MY TOP 10 FOR MAY 2018

Five months in 2018 now and the pile of new good music extends. May has been very intensive in new releases as well, but it is time to separate the grain from the square. Few big bands put longly awaited albums out - likes of Amorphis, At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir for example. The latter don't deserve my attention since 20 years already, and this didn't change...At The Gates again (like in 2014) almost couldn't convince me that "To Drink From The Night Itself" is a top 10 album. Who made it in my list from released in May records? Fatal 13 and a Japanese edition list, in no particular order. Huge hesitation about the choices to be honest. Hard to compile list. Some other good releases were skipped. Let's see.

UADA - The Cult Of A Dying Sun
Release Date: 25 May

Stunning continuation of the masterpice "Devoid of light". Much more mature, well polished. It is not just a melodic black metal. It is much more. This is another album in the genre which proves that there is still hope for the black metal. 

My review for Blessed Altar Zine is here

Archelon - Tribe of Suns
Release date: 4 May

Progressive sludge dream under the waters of a deep sea, an experience of blue hallucination…Amazing! Really among the top albums of this year so far.

My review for Blessed Alar Zine is here

Fading Bliss - Journeys in Solitude
Release date: 4 May

Such records are rare gems in 2018. Death/doom/gothic atmoshpere, solitude and fatality with 90s taste. Sooooooo goooood!

My review for Blessed Altar Zine is here

Amorphis - Queen of Time
Release date: 18 May 

They did it again.
Stortregn - Emptiness Fills The Void
Release date: 25 May

Switzerland continues to deliver great bands besides great chocolate. Excellent melodic black metal album

Defiatory - Hades Rising
Release date: 11 May

Top notch thrash! Amazing release by the Swedes. Punching!

Morag Tong - Last Knell of Om
Release date: 18 May

Kolossal riffs! Slow, heavy and fuzzy

Urfaust - The Constellatory Practice
Release date: 4 May

Avantgarde doooooooom and abyssal journey...My review for Blessed Altar Zine is here

Parkway Drive - Reverence
Release date: 4 May

Since I saw the band live last year and discovered IRE, I really enjoy PWD. This record is different and it is on the edge with the modern metal. Oh, well...

DopeThrone - Transcanadian Anger
Release date: 25 May

Another trippy sludgy heavy record in the list. Canadians show no mercy... FFO all those who love this kind of music.


At The Gates - To Drink From The Night Itself
Release date: 18 May

For the sake of good old times...

Nekrokraft - Servants
Release date: 4 May

Excellent black metal with old school roots and thrash taste. Grabbed me instantly.

Injector - Stone Prevails
Release date: 25 May

Another thrash discovery. The Spanish band delivered very good tunes actually

Japanese Edition include:

Cosmic Church - Täyttymys
Release date: 13 May

Well, I dropped this one in the very last moment. I was hesitating about Wilt, Wayfarer, Witchsorrow, Lik and Skinless. However this album is really good. I find it very very similar to my favourite black metal record of all time - For All Tid. 


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