April is gone. Four months since the beginning of the 2018 and we are deep-knee in the new metal records. So far I can concur - it will be another glorious year for the metal music.
April was very intense of new releases, even hectic. Honestly I didn't find enough quality among the list though. Very few albums really grabbed my attention and the present list was not much easy to compile. As usual it contains 10 albums officially released in April (or in the last days of March), in no particular order + 3 bonus albums, which I discovered most recently, but they have left from the previous months...In total another fatal 13 pieces of deserving all attention.
This is it, my April 2018!

MESARTHIM - The Density Parameter
Release date: 3 April

The best album of the month. A feeling a timeless time.

My review for Blessed Altar Zine here

MESSA - Feast for Water
Release date: 6 April

"Evoking doom metal with a dark jazz twist". Hallucinative sludgy Portishead. Amazing, stunning record.

MUSTASCH - The Silent Killer
Release date: 6 April

Surprise, surprise! Mustasch delivered a great new record! Heavy metal with stoner feel and sing-along anthems to lift me up!

GRÁ - Väsen
Release date: 27 April

All shades of grey - hopeless, desperate, of solitude. A grey world of Death.

My review for Blessed Altar Zine here

GOZU - Equilibrium
Release date: 13 April

Sticky stoner. Heavy, psych and trippy. It wasn't the only good stoner release this month, but GOZU deserved to be in this list.

UNREQVITED - Stars Wept To The Sea
Release date: 16 April

Deep, depressive, isolated, dilutive. Alone. Fantastic post-black with painful piano parts and blackgaze melodies. Depserate. Mesmerising.

My review for Blessed Altar Zine here

VARATHRON  - Patriarchs of Evil
Release date: 27 April

Another very solid hellenic black metal album by the veterans. With some (even) thrashy parts, "Patriarchs" is BM containing this specific Greek feeling.

TRAITOR - Deep-knee In The Dead
Release date: 27 April

Crushing Thrash attack! Good old times are here again! I wanna see mosh pits!

DEADLY CARNAGE - Through The Void Above The Suns
Release date: 30 March

These Italians magically mix post black, post metal, doom, prog, atmospheric...into one fantastic piece of dreamy music. (the band's name yearns for a gore death metal though)
The album is an absolutely epic journey above the Suns. Breathe in, breathe out...
A must listen! My review for Blessed Altar Zine here

Release date: 6 April

The fact that Pungent Stench have new record (even thought it is recorded in 2007-2008), means it will be among the most played by me. Of course it is not their best, it's just my nostalgic feeling for the lost good old time.
Actually the record is good OSDM with sludgy feeling and Swedish DM taste.


KOSMOGYR - Eviternity
Release date: 9 March

My love for this record is already know. Captivating, meaningful, intensive. Among the best BM releases of 2018. Period.

My review for Blessed Altar Zine here

LUMNOS - Ancient Shadows Of Saturn
Release date: 12 February

Another cosmic trip. Lo-fi. When I want to loose the world. 

My review for Blessed Altar Zine here

Release date: 31 March

This is true heavy metal. So 80s, so vivid, so powerful, so moving. With that South-American fire in the blood.

Not enough classic heavy metal in my top 10? Well, why don't you try Leather - II album then?

Leather - II
Release date: 13 April

Back to the 80s with the legend Leather Leone!


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